Photo: Fellrunner bus; and transport meeting organised by ACT.

Transport and access to services

ACT assists communities to explore ways to access services. Due to the rural nature of our area this often involves travelling around and beyond the local area.

While ACT does not provide transport or vehicles, we do work with transport providers to explore how they can best meet communities needs.

We support and help develop community transport groups where there is enthusiasm to meet local needs. We assist communities to explore and evidence need and consider ways to meet it.

We also work at local, County and national level to try and influence the planning, provision and means by which people and communities can travel to the services they need.

ACT has helped develop and facilitates the Cumbria Mobility Network.

Cumbria Mobility Network 2017 08 22 Final

CMN works with statutory, private and community providers to plan and deliver effective, evidence based access to services solutions.

ACT assists the Community Transport in Cumbria Network that is facilitated by the County Council. The Forum supports all community transport providers across the county to discuss operational issues and to discuss new and emerging opportunities.

Cumbria County Council offers a range of transport in the community solutions.

ACT works with Healthwatch Cumbria and the North Cumbria CCG to address access to medical services using the Patient Transport Service - PTS. We support resolution of issues and advocate for rural access.

Access to services is not always about travel. Improved broadband has facilitated many services to be delivered to people’s homes or community buildings. Where transport solutions are not viable this can sometimes be a solution.

ACT can support your community to look at solutions to access services. Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

What people say about ACT

  • Focus on the local and what matters

    Chris Rush


Relevant Resources

Guidance Sheets

  • Community Transport

    How can communities organise their own transport solutions and who can help

Case Studies

Research & Other Publications

  • Community Transport Report 2018

    Research report on Community Transport groups strengths and challenges conducted by a degree student on placement with ACT

Toolkits & Workbooks

  • Questionnaire Design Guide

    Being able to put together a survey which is easy to understand, and will give you the information you need, is a useful skill for any community group, particularly those doing Community Led Plans. This guide provides an introduction to writing questionnaires, the types of questions to avoid, how to ensure your survey is accessible to all, and how to analyse the results.

  • Sustainable Communities Workbook

    A discussion tool to help assess your community's sustainability and plan for the future using the Egan Wheel's eight key elements for a sustainable community.