Community Energy Champions

ACT encouraged volunteer Energy Champions to pilot a new Community Energy Champions Toolkit in their communities and develop plans for community-led solutions to Fuel Poverty.

The Community Energy Champions Toolkit, written by National Energy Action (NEA), was a guide to support the development and delivery of Energy Champions Networks, to promote energy efficiency and wellbeing, creating more efficient, environmentally friendly, and socially just communities. The Toolkit suggests ways of up-skilling, supporting and retaining local Energy Champions to address local energy related issues.

ACT worked with volunteer Energy Champions from a range of communities to plan for how to provide appropriate energy solutions locally. ACT supported these Energy Champions to use the Toolkit, and other resources, to identify local energy needs, the potential activity to address these needs, and where to access additional information and support needed.

Pilot Energy Champion Communities

  • Claife (South Lakeland)
  • Sustainable Brampton (Carlisle district)
  • Alston (Eden)

Project funded by Cumbria Community Foundation

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