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ACT has partnered with Utility Aid, the UK's leading energy broker for the charity and not for profit sector.

As well as helping to secure new contracts at the lowest possible cost, Utility Aid can also help with supplier problems, inaccurate bills, advising on renewable energy options and your journey to ‘Net Zero’. Village and community halls; Church and faith buildings; Parish Council premises; Pre-school buildings; and other premises owned or managed by charities or not for profit organisations, can all benefit.

Contact form: www.utility-aid.co.uk/contactform/ACT
Email: customercare@utility-aid.co.uk
Phone: 0808 1788 170

If you decide to enter into a new energy contract, ACT receives a small commission, so you'll also be supporting our work with village and community halls. Simply use the ACT referral contact form or mention us when you make contact with Utility Aid.

National Charity Tender
Join Utility Aid's National Charity Tender and you'll be included in a national 'basket' of similar organisations to leverage collective purchasing power and secure the best rates. Don't wait until your contract is due to end, make contact now to plan ahead and provide your committee with the necessary time to make an informed decision. Watch this video to find out more.

Invoice Validation Service
Utility Aid's unique and free Invoice Validation Service has recouped over £6 million to date for customers overcharged by suppliers. Find out more

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Net Zero
Are you looking to learn about your carbon emissions? Are you hoping to make amendments to your buildings, but not sure where to start? Do you need non-biased advice about renewable tech? No matter where you are on your Net Zero journey, Utility Aid has a service that can support you and your organisation. Watch this video and read about Remote Energy Audits (Discovery Document) to find out more.

    Jargon Busting in the Energy World!
    Navigating the world of Energy can be extremely challenging. There are terms and acronyms thrown around that just don't make sense. Utility Aid aims to break all of this down, so things are made simple, empowering you to make decisions on behalf of your organisation. Here are some of the key terms you may hear when exploring utilities - Utility Aid's Jargon Busters

    Managing Risk
    Utility Aid understands there's a lot to consider when signing new contracts for your Utilities. They offer customers impartial advice when considering contract types and guidance on the length of contract and fixed, fully fixed, and flexible contracts and what it all means. This article outlines some of the risks customers have undertaken and how to avoid them.