Kind Cumbria

ACTion with Communities in Cumbria works with people, communities and businesses across the county to encourage random and planned acts of Kindness, throughout the year. This culminates with Kind Cumbria Day on the 13th November with a celebration of Kindness and this year we'll be having a midsummer celebration too.

Kind Cumbria is all about encouraging people to think about how to be kind to one another and in particular their neighbours – whether that be next door, in their local communities or at work. We want to create a wave of kindness and show that Cumbria is a really ‘kind’ place to live – the kindest in the UK! 

Kind Cumbria 2021

We are pleased to announce with the ‘Kind’ support of Electricity Northwest Kind Cumbria Day is back for 2021 on Saturday 13th November.  This year we want to “Deliver Kindness” across Cumbria to celebrate all those people who delivered kindness to us during the pandemic. This could be the postman bringing you greetings, a midwife who delivered your baby, a neighbour who delivered shopping, the care worker who delivered you care or even the delivery driver who kept you topped up with online goodies.

Being kind can be a small gesture that doesn’t cost a penny, but makes a big difference to someone – even if that difference is a simple smile. Leaving a card for the postman on your doorstep, getting a neighbour's shopping, baking someone a cake, drawing a rainbow for a loved one are all simple acts of kindness. It would be lovely to ‘pay it back’ to someone who was kind to you during the pandemic and pass the kindness on to someone else.

We are hoping to have a range of celebrations taking place w/c 8th November, so keep looking back for updates.

You can also download some of our handy information

Kindcumbria Poem Poster 2021

Kindness poster to display in your business, workplace or school

Delivering kindness Business ideas 2021

Ideas for businesses to get involved

Delivering Kindness school ideas 2021

Ideas for schools

Delivering kindness Individuals ideas 2021

Ideas for individuals

Kind Cumbria 2021 calendar

Download the Random Acts of Kindness Calendar for even more ideas 

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We are grateful to Cumbria County Council Public Health and Electricity North West recognising the value of Kindness as a social good and for their sponsorship of the campaign in the early years.

More about Kind Cumbria

Kind Cumbria began in November 2019 with sponsorship from Cumbria County Council, to coincide with World Kindness Day. Since them we have grown a community of followers from businesses and individuals, schools and children. From all corners of Cumbria, they have become part of our Kindness Community, carrying out many random acts of kindness, and sharing their kind deeds with us on social media.

ACT launched this campaign in recognition that Kindness and Neighbourliness are key motivations for many of the people we have worked with over the years. ACT is committed to promoting Kindness as one way to address social isolation and to build neighbourliness among people in the county every day of the year.

Kind Cumbria Day 2020

Involved ‘flying the flag of Kindness’ in Cumbria and carrying out small daily acts of kindness from the Kind Cumbria 2020 calendar. Here are just some of the things that people did for Kind Cumbria 2020.

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Primary school children across the county talked all week about what it means to be kind, made flags of kindness and did kind deeds at home, and Staveley created another kind calendar for Advent.

  • Brough School sent pictures and letters to residents at Mill Gardens Assisted Living Scheme.
  • Electricity North West created a Kindness Wall in their office to share their team’s thoughts on kindness and gave a huge food collection to the Carlisle foodbank.
  • Penrith Conservative Club gave away a free meal for 6 people.
  • Cranston’s donated 50p from the sale of their Christmas puddings to Hospice at Home.
  • People First gave out free cups of kindness (takeaway tea or coffee) at their Conference Centre in Carlisle.
  • Kindly folk left a pound in the shopping trolley for the next person.
  • Lots of people checked in on neighbours, baked them cakes, did the shopping for them and wrote them cards.

Midsummer Community Celebration Event 24th June

We raised a toast to neighbourliness at Kind Cumbria’s Midsummer Community Event. We were inspired by the community groups who are continuing to help their communities and enjoyed an entertaining cocktail-making demonstration from The Tipsy Filly! Well done to the whole of Kendal’s Stramongate Primary School which made ‘Kind Cocktails’ and said "Cheers to Volunteers".

1 Cheers in Staveley

2 Stramongate School portrait

3 Camilla

4 Fran

5 Stramongate School landscape

6 Zoom screenshot cropped