Kind Cumbria

ACTion with Communities in Cumbria works with people, communities and businesses across the county to encourage random and planned acts of Kindness, throughout the year. This culminates with Kind Cumbria Day on the 13th November with a celebration of Kindness.

ACT launched this campaign in our seventieth year, having reflected on our history and identifying that Kindness and Neighbourliness have been key motivations for many of the people we have worked with over the years. ACT is committed to promoting Kindness as one way to address social isolation and to build neighbourliness among people in the county every day of the year.

Kind Cumbria is all about encouraging people to think about how to be kind to one another and in particular their neighbours – whether that be next door, in their local communities or at work. We want to create a wave of kindness and show that Cumbria is a really ‘kind’ place to live – the kindest in the UK!

Kind Cumbria began in 2019 and we’ve grown a community of followers, who have become part of our kindness community on social media, and have also shown us how they have been kind too.

The first Kind Cumbria Day was held in November 2019, to coincide with World Kindness Day, sponsored by Cumbria County Council. We saw many random acts of kindness of all sorts from businesses and individuals, schools and children and in all corners of Cumbria.

Kind Cumbria Day 2020

We are pleased to announce with the ‘Kind’ support of Electricity Northwest Kind Cumbria Day is back for 2020 on Friday 13th November – at a time when we all need a bit of extra kindness in our lives.

We are often now told about the ‘new normal’ since COVID-19, but why does the new normal have to mean social distancing, masks and staying at home? We want the ‘new norm’ to mean adopting kindness, like the great acts of kindness that were shown in our communities during lockdown number 1.

Think about what it means to be kind. It can be a small gesture that doesn’t cost a penny, but makes a big difference to someone – even if that difference is a simple smile. Getting a neighbour's shopping, baking someone a cake, drawing a rainbow for a loved one are all simple acts of kindness. It would be lovely to ‘pay it back’ to someone who was kind to you during the pandemic and pass the kindness on to someone else.

Get Involved

Join in this November and help us ‘fly the flag of Kindness’ in Cumbria. We know what a kind place Cumbria is and what amazing communities we live in – let’s show everyone what makes Cumbria so special!

Individuals, community groups, friends, businesses and schools can all get involved – even now that we’re in a second lockdown. Think about all the amazing acts of kindness we saw first time round and let’s keep it going…we’re all going to need to look out for each other even more now than ever before.

In the week running up to Kind Cumbria Day, starting on the 7th November, we want to encourage you to think about how you can be kind each day and share it with us. Download our Kindness calendar here:

Kind Cumbria 2020 calendar

Or you can wait until Kind Cumbria Day on the 13th November to do something extra special then.

In 2020 we want to record all the amazing acts of kindness taking place throughout November. Whether you have been kind, or someone has shown you kindness, let us know. You can fill in the form below or tag us on social media using @KindCumbria or #KindCumbria #KindCumbriaDay

Locals in Kirkby Stephen have developed a map of 60 benches in and around Kirkby Stephen. Six of the benches have been designated as ‘Happy to Chat’ benches. The map provides ideas for interesting town walks as well as scenic riverside and viaduct walks. It gives people the confidence of knowing where their next bench is, as well as the opportunity to meet others.  

Read the case study;

CS063 ACT CS Kirkby Stephen Bench Walks


Make a pledge and share with us what you will do to be kind in November or on Kind Cumbria Day:


If someone has shown you kindness, let us know what they did and how it made you feel here:

What can I do to be kind?

Individuals – It only takes one person and one act to show kindness. Download the document Random acts of kindness Individuals ideas 2020 with ideas of how you can be kind on Kind Cumbria Day and make your pledge above.

Businesses – Think about what you could do for your team, or do something nice for your boss. Why not spread the kindness even further and be kind to your customers. Find out how here: Random acts of kindness Business ideas 2020. Remember to make your pledge above.

Schools – One of the most important lessons a child can learn is social skills and we think there is no better skill to learn than kindness. Get your class or whole school involved in Kind Cumbria Day or throughout November. Here are some ideas: Random acts of kindness school ideas 2020.

We have also created some handy resources that you can use

We would love as many schools as possible to be involved and make ‘flags of kindness’ – helping us to wave the flag of Kindness in Cumbria – once you’ve made your flags take a photo of your school flying their flags on Kind Cumbria Day and share with us, so we can make a montage of all the schools involved who are helping us spread kindness in our communities.

For more information you can get in touch with us via our social media channels


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Twitter: @kind_cumbria

Or contact

To stay in contact with ACT please complete the supporter form here:

We are grateful to Cumbria County Council Public Health and Electricity North West recognising the value of Kindness as a social good and for their sponsorship of the campaign in the early years.