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Everyone Here

Everyone Here is a new community arts organisation based in West Cumbria. They are a Creative People & Places project funded by Arts Council England and ACT is the lead organisation working with a consortium of partners on the project.

To help local communities bring to life the kind of creative activity they want to experience on their own doorstep, Everyone Here is establishing a citizens-led vision for creative activities and events here in West Cumbria.

Everyone Here believes creativity is for everyone and can be explored in many ways. From singing to storytelling, podcasting to pottery, and everything in between, creativity can make life feel better and put a smile on your face.

Not only will Everyone Here provide high quality creative opportunities for everyone in West Cumbria but they’ll develop the diversity of people and processes delivering, deciding upon and attending creative and cultural events here in the region.

Everyone Here's programme of events and projects will build on the already great work done in West Cumbria, making sure that access to making, watching and being creative is something that everyone can be a part of.

The Everyone Here Consortium Partners

  • ACT
  • Cumberland Council
  • Florence Arts Centre
  • Lakes College West Cumbria
  • Theatre By the Lake
  • Prism Arts
  • Rosehill Theatre

Want to know more?

Everyone Here will be launching their new website at the start of March 2024.

And you can follow them on social media:

Everyone Here is funded by the Arts Council England and supported with additional funding from Cumberland Council.

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