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Community Buildings Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 2nd October 2020

2nd October 2020

This article contains information for village halls and community buildings on preparing for re-opening. It includes links to updated ACRE Information Sheet (Version 7) appendices in line with regulations regarding face coverings; Test and Trace QR code posters; and reduced numbers permitted for weddings and civil ceremonies. Please also read the previous 2nd, 11th, 16th June; 3rd, 8th, 21st July; 21st August; and 18th, 24th September ACT Updates.

Information surrounding Coronavirus and COVID-19 may change; ACTion with Communities in Cumbria (ACT) recommends that everyone should follow the guidance issued by Public Health England and the NHS and keep abreast of the ever-changing situation.

Re-opening village halls and community centres:

The ACRE Information Sheet is provided with the purpose of assisting village halls to interpret the Government guidance and find a way forward to re-opening. Please ensure you’re using the most up to date version 7 (dated 30 September) available below, with relevant appendices also available as Word documents for use.

Please note, the ACRE information sheet and appendices have been updated in line with Government guidance. Visit the ACT Coronavirus page to access the latest Update.

The ACRE Information Sheet may be updated in accordance with any further changes to the Public Health Regulations and subsequent Government guidance.

Thank you for your continued questions and suggestions for the ACRE Information and Government guidance for multi-purpose community facilities. Your feedback helps us to work with ACRE and relevant Government departments to review, clarify and provide better information.

Information Sheet Issue 7: 30th September 2020

Version 7 of the Re-opening Information Sheet for Village Halls has been issued, with changes to the following appendices:

  • Appendix C, Sample Poster, point 6: Revised to reflect the wording required in new Regulations covering the display of a poster requiring the wearing of face coverings.
  • Appendix D: Revised to reflect the reduction in permitted attendance at weddings and civil partnerships and receptions from 30 to 15 and that only funerals are permitted a group of 30; and a summary of the new legal requirements on bars, members’ clubs, cafes and similar hospitality venues (e.g. closing times, no dancing, group limit of 6, table service only).
  • Appendix E, Special Condition of Hire SC9: Amended to reflect the new legal requirement for hirers to keep records of contact details of those who attend activities and encourage use of an NHS QR poster at the hall.
  • Appendix M: Included in the main ACRE Information Sheet, with amended introduction to reflect Government guidance. This explains the new legal requirements for display of an NHS QR poster and keeping of records for Test and Trace.

Hirers Responsibility

We continue to have a number of queries about hirers and their responsibility. The ACRE information states:

“Hirers should be provided with a copy of the hall’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment. You may wish to ask to see a copy of their own COVID-19 Risk Assessment. The sample at Appendix G can be shared with user groups, to help them think through preparing their own Risk Assessment. It is not compulsory that users complete their own – it is the premises and any equipment which must be subject to a COVID-19 Risk Assessment.”

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ACT Community Buildings Events

We’ve set a provisional date for our next online Community Buildings event of Saturday 24th October, 10am – 12noon. We will confirm this over the coming week, dependant on any new guidance being issued, and confirm with all our Community Buildings contacts.

We do appreciate how complex this information and the Government guidance is becoming. ACRE is challenging Government on timescales for implementation and the challenges of clarity and expectations. We will keep our Community Buildings contacts informed of any response – please see below to ensure you’re on our mailing list.

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