Plates of Kindness Competition

Plates of Kindness Competition

‘Kindness in Cumbria’ poem plate by Katie, Penrith

27th May 2020

In celebration of kindness across the county ACTion with Communities in Cumbria - the rural and community development charity for Cumbria - is hosting a creative kindness competition.

The competition theme – ‘Plates of Kindness’ is inspired by the many selfless actions of Cumbrians over recent months. A Mexican wave of unshakeable community spirit and kindness has been seen throughout Cumbria – from the volunteer-led community response groups and repurposed village halls; to the many bears in windows; the big clap for key workers every Thursday; street bingo and community quizzes; a proliferation of pavement art, cheerful rainbows adorning houses, and fancy dress fundraising initiatives abound.

The competition also gives a nod of support to the modified Big ‘Virtual’ Lunch for 2020. The Big Lunch is an annual, UK-wide event run by Eden Project Communities. The premise is very simple - on the first weekend of June The Big Lunch encourages people to sit down, have a picnic-style lunch with their neighbours and let the conversation begin. Although the physical bringing together of people can’t happen just now, through this competition we can still share a plate, connect and show kindness to each other.

ACTion with Communities in Cumbria is providing support and advice to some of the many community groups providing care and kindness across our communities. This competition aims to celebrate the enormous kindness that many people are showing each other.

The competition is open to children and adults of all ages, is free to enter and there are a variety of prizes to be won. To enter the ‘Plates of Kindness’ competition please email your photo or video of your plate(s) of kindness, a title or caption, first name, nearest village or town, and age (if under 16) to:

You can use any creative medium that you choose. You might write a poem or short story about a plate of kindness; draw or paint a plate that shows kindness; create a plate out of modelling clay, papier mâché or fabric; stitch, knit or crochet; sow some seeds and grown some herbs or even veggies; bake a tasty cake or cook a healthy meal for someone. Have a look through the Action with Communities in Cumbria Facebook page to gather some inspiration and ideas. All entries will be displayed on the Facebook page but you don’t need a Facebook account to enter or to view entries.

In less than 100 words please either give your Plate of Kindness a title or provide a caption by telling us some background about it. For example, who you would ideally like to give the plate to (a family member, friend, neighbour, classmate or colleague perhaps).

The important things to remember are: your entry must feature a plate and kindness, but how you interpret the theme is up to you; and stay safe and be kind! Closing date extended to Friday 31st July 2020. For further information please visit our website at: or find us on Facebook.

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