Photo: Lake District landscape.

ACT’s statements of principles

ACT has developed these Statements of Principles with our Staff and Trustee teams and with the people who we work with on these issues.

Please do feedback any views or comments on these principles as they are live documents that can be updated.

Our core principles are:

  • We work with, not for people
  • We take a community development approach starting where people are and help them see and achieve what they want to do.
  • We are honest and realistic with people about their aspirations and the policy and practical contexts we know about
  • We aim to be honest brokers with and between various partners as needed
  • We collect feedback as we work and share that to inform policy and practise
  • We aim to help you achieve, rather than delivering for you.

Below are statements of principle in key areas of our work.

ACT Statement on Community Buildings

ACT Statement on Transport and Accessibility

ACT Statement on Zero Carbon

ACT statement on wellbeing

ACT statement on community action in housing

ACT Statement of Principle on Rural Poverty