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Medical Services and Transport needed by rural people

Issued 8th August 2017

Medical Services and Transport needed by rural people

From the 1,000 responses so far in the Cumbria Rural Panel Survey, the top priorities are: access to medical services, the need for transport services and affordable housing. Good Broadband and access to a village shop are also scoring highly. The survey being promoted by ACTion with Communities in Cumbria (ACT) is asking rural Cumbrian residents which services are important to them.  The results will be used to provide a focus for the discussions of the Cumbria Rural Panel. The survey ask respondents to pick three services, from a list of eight, that are the most important to rural life and then asks people to identify the one thing that would improve life in rural Cumbria.

Jim Webster, Chair of the Rural Panel and a Trustee of ACT said “It has been very interesting talking to people from across the County on the street locations, at events and shows. People’s responses vary from place to place, but medical services and transport are the universal response. Some people are commenting that they want to maintain the services they have and others are saying they need them. A group of four young lads I spoke to at an Agricultural show said that good broadband was vital for them, along with better transport services and access to affordable housing. In the more rural locations the need for a village shop and affordable heating has been a priority.”

The Cumbria Rural Panel Survey is open on line until the end of August, when ACT will be compiling the results to share at the ACT AGM in early September.

To take part in the survey visit the ACT website:  and click the link to Have your Say. Alternatively use this link directly.

The Rural Panel, which is part funded by Cumbria County Council, will hold four discussions each year and produce guidance to assist communities and agencies to address the issues discussed, so it’s really important that these issues are informed by responses to the surveys.

If you are interested in being part of the Rural Panel, contact  ACT on  01228 817224 or email

Jim Webster interviewing people at an Agricultural show for the Rural Panel Survey.

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